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Quick notes from our gourmet trip to Tallinn

We spent three days and two nights in Tallinn with Satu – and had some great opportunities to try our senses in restaurants. We crossed from our todo-list in Tallinn following places: Bordoo ( was awesome, quality and price just … Lue loppuun

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Alfresco ECM on the cloud – seminar with Alfresco and Affecto

Yesterday my employer Affecto organized a breakfast seminar about Alfresco cloud-offering and Alfresco ECM. We had David Gildeh from Alfresco as the main speaker presenting the cloud strategy and opportunities, as well as a case management demo implemented with basic … Lue loppuun

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I am so hyped: Cynefin and Agile course in Helsinki on 3 – 4 April 2013

We are getting spoiled in Helsinki as Dave Snowden and Joseph Pelrine are coming to Helsinki to hold a prototype of a new extremely interesting course on how to apply Cynefin-framework’s thinking in the domain of agile software development. The … Lue loppuun

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BPM Fail – ’personal customer id’ – Finnish Railways

I am getting old and grumpy – and therefore noticing more and more annoying problems in the world. One of them being that almost every single company and system has their own concept of identifying the customer — and in … Lue loppuun

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Doctor Who

I am late arriver to the world of great science fiction and therefore also late to watch Doctor Who. Now thanks to the flue season and Netflix I have had good time to catch up and totally fall in love … Lue loppuun

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Simple Business Process Fail – HBO Nordic service cancellation

These are always fun to spot — places where business processes or their execution in IT systems produces nice failures in customer experiences. Latest one was my experience with canceling HBO Nordic’s online services, which were free of use ’till … Lue loppuun

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