I am so hyped: Cynefin and Agile course in Helsinki on 3 – 4 April 2013

We are getting spoiled in Helsinki as Dave Snowden and Joseph Pelrine are coming to Helsinki to hold a prototype of a new extremely interesting course on how to apply Cynefin-framework’s thinking in the domain of agile software development. The course provides an opportunity to learn from and work with both Dave Snowden, the originator of the Cynefin framework, and Joseph Pelrine, the foremost expert in the practical application of Cynefin methods and models in software development.

Agile Finland is organizing this course on a shoestring, trying to make it possible to offer the two day course to participants for 600 euros per participant. Admission price is insanely cheap price for the opportunity to get new ideas, insights and thoughts in a great group of likeminded thinkers and practitioners from northern Europe.

It will actually be funny to see will we get more people joining us on the course from abroad than from the Helsinki metropolitan area – as this course has clearly already attracted the interest of some top notch consultants and managers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we could see many familiar faces from the CALM Alpha event also in Helsinki.

For me complexity science in it’s different forms – but especially in the form of socially complex systems and complex adaptive systems – has given well needed concepts and ideas to understand, model and work with situations that used to be incomprehensible and unmanageable. Cynefin-model has been my goto-sensemaking tool, which has allowed me to create understanding and act coherently and at ease in complicated and complex environments.

More information on Agile Finland wiki: http://confluence.agilefinland.com/display/af/Cynefin+course+in+Helsinki+on+3-4+April+2013

Registration is open here: https://holvi.com/shop/agilefinlandevents/product/03a7ce14275d1cc75b86dcd434a09663/

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