Doctor Who

I am late arriver to the world of great science fiction and therefore also late to watch Doctor Who.

Now thanks to the flue season and Netflix I have had good time to catch up and totally fall in love with this amazing series of clever writing, brilliant acting and amazing stories. Seeing the 9th and then 10th incarnations of the doctor from Netflix have shown that this is one of those series which can continue ’till the end of the world – as long as there is imagination to go on and create new storylines, as every Doctor brings quite a different vibe and different tempo to the stories.

”I am the Doctor and this the biggest library in the universe. Look me up”

I love how these stories are filled with connections to different storylines and items in the Doctor Who universe, and how they give also commentary on eternal or contemporary subjects — whether it is relationships between humans, situations in the society or technological advances. Just brilliant stuff — done with a tongue in cheek way.

Loving it.

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