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No business like retail business – Palveluloiste

I have to confess that I’ve never really thought retail business to be that interesting, even though I have read books with interest about Walmart, Starbucks and McDonalds. Heikki Peltola’s Palveluloiste-book opened my eyes to finnish retail landscape in a … Lue loppuun

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Running, running

For the past two months I’ve been logging my runs to dailymile.com and noticed a trend. Even though I can easily keep up 40 km / week pace in running, every month something comes up and my total kilometers for … Lue loppuun

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Different ways to dine in Helsinki – gonna try them all..

On summer vacation we have had the opportunity to sample different ways to dine and lunch in Helsinki. For example yesterday we sampled impressively cool restaurant at the 8 th floor of Stockmann’s department store, called F8. On the eight … Lue loppuun

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Aurinkolahti – Miami beach of Helsinki

Aurinkolahti has been an ambitious project here in Helsinki. Aurinkolahti was built almost middle of nowhere in eastern suburbs in Vuosaari and it seems to have created whole new life and atmosphere to the area. First of all houses in … Lue loppuun

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Flamingo Spa & Wellness

Earlier this month we visited – for the first time – new shopping and entertainment center at Vantaa called Flamingo. Flamingo aspires to be Las Vegas of Finland, but comes a little short. Or to be honest, a lot short … Lue loppuun

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King for a day – Faith No More in Helsinki

It was about time. Faith No More reunited and came to Helsinki, to play in Kaisaniemi park just before the annual Tuska-festival. Compared to grab the cash and run tours that old starts might be tempted to do there was … Lue loppuun

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Walk on the countryside

We live in a small metropolitan called Helsinki, but every now and then it still feels like we were on the countryside. Our suburb was built in 1960’s, which means we have wide open spaces and quite large areas reserved … Lue loppuun

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