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It is faster to drive bicycle in Helsinki than use public transportation!

Would you believe that in Helsinki it is actually quite often faster to drive bicycle from one place to another – than use public transportation? Naturally bicycle loses in trips where busses drive just motorways or if you go from … Lue loppuun

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Training and sweating

Why do I go to the gym? Why do I run on the countryside? Why do I lust after an expensive fitness bicycle, which I could use to travel to and from work, when a perfectly fine buss line connects … Lue loppuun

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The Beergame at Agile Dinner in Helsinki

Yesterday Lasse Ziegler hosted the Beergame at monthly Agile Dinner in Helsinki – and he wrote up the results nicely in his blog: http://www.lasseziegler.com/2011/07/06/beergame-at-agile-dinner-in-helsinki/ What his blog does not have is the personal reflection from the participant’s perspective, hence this … Lue loppuun

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