Simple Business Process Fail – HBO Nordic service cancellation

These are always fun to spot — places where business processes or their execution in IT systems produces nice failures in customer experiences.

Latest one was my experience with canceling HBO Nordic’s online services, which were free of use ’till the end of February. Cancellation had to be done by email – and I got immediately a reply that the cancellation email was processed on 28th of February. However on 2nd of March I received a new email stating my cancellation was processed 2 nd of March and that my subscription would continue to end of 2013.

Based on messages on HBO Nordic’s facebook group they have a major fail in their cancellation handling process and are manually inputting all the cancellations. Apparently that takes time and some other business rules cause then these automated emails to be sent and to confuse customers a bit more. At the moment I assume that the customer service is overwhelmed and overworked – trying to solve the flood of messages for cancellations as well as new batches of created failure emails, when people react to these wrongful emails.

Kategoria(t): BPM. Lisää kestolinkki kirjanmerkkeihisi.


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