Everything in place – Mise-en-place

I think it was my friend Joseph Pelrine who first got me interested in the world  of  kitchen and got me to appreciate the craft and skills of great chefs. Not just personal skills and talent – but the ability to structure the dishes, preparations and processes in a way that makes it possible for the team to give all that they got into the food they make. And do that day after day.

There was a blog related to the subject in HBR some time ago, shared by many people.


It is a good read.

And a good reminder that there is a good amount of great practices and ideas around us, something we can or could benefit from in our work in totally different contexts. It should also remind us that we information workers are not – by all means – alone in the world honing our skills, trying to improve constantly and taking pride in that.

There are also numerous situations and contexts where we can observe people not doing that. As an observer it is always easier to see the possibilities and improvement opportunities in what others are doing or not doing, but we could be blind to or unable to see the same in our own doing.

The world is filled opportunities to improve, do things better — and also great inspirational examples of people doing just that. I wish I don’t forget that. And I wish I don’t become too lazy or blind to my own opportunities to improve and better myself.

I am an old dog and slow to learn new tricks ( just ask someone about my cleaning habits  around the house ) – but I try.


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