SublimeText + Markdown Preview + Live Reload = epic markdown writing environment

I’ve been a fan of Sublime Text for some time, but not taken many of it’s features into full use. One of those features I neglected for some time was usage of plugins, which turbocharge already awesome editor.

As I am very fond of Markdown and it’s use as a convenient documentation writing language, the first plugins I wanted to try and use were plugins to preview markdown text while I am writing it. Though the markdown plugin inside IntelliJ idea is great and I like to use it a lot, there are numerous situations where I just want to quickly write and edit some documentation outside the IDE — hence my interest to get this work!

Markdown Preview was installed easily just following the instructions to install the Package Control and then straight from the repository. After installation Markdown Preview commands were available as commands.

By using cmd+shift+P and selecting ’Markdown Preview: Python Markdown: Preview in Browser’ plugin would render my markdown into temporary file and open it in browser.

See download and instructions from here:

Functionality is almost perfect straight out of the box.

Only gripe is the need to manually refresh the browser after saves. I know. Truly a first world problem.

Luckily a little help comes from another plugin, LiveReload.

See more here:

I had problem getting the LiveReload plugin first to work properly – as I did not understand that you had to manually enable the LiveReload plugin for specific behaviour. Only after I selected from command palette command to Enable LiveReload plugins and enabled Simple reload things started to work as requested.

See the video above how live reload works and updates the browser every time the document gets saved.

Me likes!

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