Still archiving backups the old school way

Digital life produces a lot of data.

Photos from a trip take these days easily tens of gigabytes if you are fast with your fingers and snap multiple photos from interesting moments.

If you take videos – your burn your storage capacity with high definition videos even faster.

Optical discs used to be the easiest choice, but these days hard drives are much cheaper than optical discs.

For example in ( ) DVDs are 4.7GB * 100 pieces for 29,99 euros. That makes 30 cents per DVD or about 7 cents for gigabyte — factoring in that discs are never fully utilised.

Then again Seagate 3 TB usb drive is for 109 euros. For a gigabyte that makes approx. 4 cents.

So why to still burn optical discs too?

For me it is backup of a backup – and risk avoidance.

Important stuff is usually backed up to another hard drive on site, just to make sure that I can get back on my feet fast, if something happens.

DVDs on the other hand are safety for those momements when — oops, two drives fail — or when you have accidentally destroyed that stuff from disks and then realize that yeah. There would be some use for it. Additionally spanning sets of files over larger set of discs provides a bit comfort, security and convenience.

Comfort as you can take smaller batches of data offsite storage. For example after a new photoshoot.

Security as you do not lose everything if the hard drive fails.

Convenience as you can buy also something else from the store, when you order more DVDs.

On OS X burning software I use is Disco app, and on Windows CDBurnerXP.

Both seem to do the job just nicely.

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