Jolla spottings

I finally saw one in the store.

Before this I already saw one on the streets right after the launch, but did not have time to ask more questions or ask whether I could see the device in my own hand.

I visited DNA shop in Itäkeskus and was positively surprised that they already had a device on display.

After playing around with the device for few minutes I was both impressed as well as a bit disappointed. The device felt really good in my hand – and looked really good. Though based on the specs the device seems to fall by some journalists into the mid range device – it felt better than you would expect.

As I was not previously a N9 user, some gestures and UI paradigms felt a bit frustrating first, but I did get a hang of it really fast. There would definitely be a learning curve to get used to swiping everywhere instead of trying to find and press a button – like in every other OS. But after you are familiar with it, it should be a breeze to use.

User experience core innovations are also promising, but at this stage it felt that programs did not yet get the most out of them. While testing the device at a store you do not put it into a real life usecase – where you would install your accounts into applications and try to solve real life problems — so it actually could be that Jolla already manages to operate much better than anticipated.

Compared to the amount of features available out of the box in more mature platforms Jolla is still an underdog, but at least the foundation is there – and Jolla can add required features and improve functionality bit by bit.

At the moment it unfortunately seems that I could not take Jolla device and just easily / conveniently compare my iPhone 4 with in business use – and not to take a significant downgrade in functionality. However it could take only a few updates and improvements into the programs in the phone – and the switch could be viable.

As a hacking device and playground Jolla is already way better than expected – and if I had time to put into mobile hacking, I would already have a Jolla device on me.

I am really keen to see how the Jolla takes on – and have high hopes for the team to make Jolla a viable niche player in the market.

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