Espoo Rantapuolikas – Half marathon in Espoo

Yesterday was the event that I had been training for before getting the small injury to my ankle. This small injury resulted to almost 4 weeks with no sports training at all, and especially to no running. Looking my Movescount-page for this September shows the sad status.

But luckily my ankle healed enough for me to be able to run the half marathon with the rest of the Adidas heimo- team ( see the results ). From the get go it was clear to me that my goal was just to finish the race and enjoy the run, not to push to any limits.

Before the race I hoped to be able to finish the run in 2 hours, but feared how my legs would react to the run after such a long pause. For the first half I was able to keep a nice pace and was still in time for the two hours mark.


But somewhere over there on the coast line I felt tired and saw my pace deteriorate. At one point I noticed that pacers aiming for the 2 hour finishing time where running behind me, and then in few minutes they where running way ahead of me. Though I wanted to tag along I looked at my heart rate and decided it will be best to just keep the steady pace and try to finish.


Heart rate levels look insane. Average bpm 179, even though it really did not feel like it. This must be just a some kind of extreme reaction from my body to the performance after such a long rest period – that it does not reflect the actual fitness level. The actual run felt quite smooth and once I finished, I still felt quite fresh — though I knew that had I pushed harder, there would most likely have been cramps and other kinds of muscle sores during the run.


After sauna and few beers it was time to head home and open a recovery drink with Satu.

Participating in Adidas heimo was definitely a fun experience. Would do it again.

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