World of pain – the fun of running

Running is an awesome sport – also in ways that you can hurt yourself.


Normally I have been fearing for my calves or the possibility of getting shin splint.

The first times I tested new Adidas Boost shoes I got sore achilles tendon for some time, but otherwise I’ve survived the most usual running injuries.

Except now.

For the past three week I have been mostly not doing any sports and have been waiting for my ankle to heal. I had a good training session going on – and was active, loving it.

However on 16th of August I got to feel the downsides of sport. I was doing a normal training run, doing fast sprints and started to feel some soreness in my ankle. Nothing heavy or nothing much – so nothing to worry or stop the training over.

Later on that evening the soreness continued and got a bit worse, making me limp like someone way older than I am. And that pain stayed for next days. I knew I was going to be out of sports for few days and wanted to get out of the problem as soon as possible.

Cold pack

Ibuprofen and cold packs were my home remedy, but after a week and a half it seemed that the pain had not left and came back if I started to walk, run or put more weight on the leg.


Above photo shows the areas where the pain was located, though after the pain started it started to feel that all the small muscles and ligaments in my feet started to cry foul. I knew that there was no major trauma – as nothing as such had not happened. It was something else.

I finally went to see a doctor and the first cure was just to continue with the inflammation medicine and wait.

Another week and a half wait – and new visit to a doctor, an orthopedic this time. In a quick consultation he checks that there is no structural problems or damange, and most likely it seems that it is just synovitis. New medicine and wait.

The good thing is that the new medicine works fast and allows me to do small amounts of sports again. This Saturday I managed to do a small run for the first time in weeks — and even though it felt really bad and I felt extremely tired even for such a short run — I was happy to be doing at least something.

Hopefully I’m back on the track soon.

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