You can do it – online vacation purchases via iPhone

How do you reserve your summer vacation getaway?

I did it in a bar, while drinking champagne.

Last night we had a rather pleasant dinner and afterwards drinks at American Bar, where we decided to do an experiment and see how much or little would be flights and hotels in Berlin this summer. Finnair’s website worked well in iPhone’s mobile browser and so did too. Latter did not provide that much functionality when searching for a hotel, but the basic functionality — search, sort, see and book — worked well enough.

This was my first time making such large purchases online from a mobile device – and I was pleasantly surprised. Especially as I did not need to install an application for that!

In half an hour we had booked our flights and selected a comfy looking hotel.

Would be fun to see statistics how much people these days already do online purchases via their mobile devices.

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