Lactate threshold test

Today I finally got to do the lactate threshold test with Janne Vanhala from Training First. The test was scheduled to be held in the morning and after a light breakfast without any espresso I headed down to the test center.

First step of the test was to determine my blood pressure, which seemed to be very low. As I am active and rather young person, there is nothing to worry about that – but something that I could keep an eye on also.

The test was held on a stationary bike by adding resistance every few minutes and testing the lactate response in the blood. That naturally meant that I got my finger stabbed multiple times.

The goal was to see and map how the heart rate rises, how breathing changes and how much lactate was present in the blood at any specific moment. Combining all these different metrics together it is possible to determine proper aerobic and anaerobic thresholds for me to train properly.

As seen in the results the threshold would be 20 or so heartbeats wrong – if it would not be determined from the actual lactate level in blood.

Now thanks to the test I can safely and surely do training on proper levels – without wondering whether I am running too fast or not running fast enough.

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