Time to meet people!

I like to read, think and do.

But I also like to meet smart people, exchange ideas and get new insights from old ideas.

It just feels so burdensome sometimes to work the calendars and changing schedules to meet your busy friends. But when you manage to make it happen, it is always worthwhile experience – and you get so energized from all the good discussions that you wonder why don’t you do this more often.

In Agile Finland we have had few recurring events that have tried to bring people together with or without a specific topic. Agile Dinners have slowly faded away but could be revitalized again to allow serendipity play a role in how ideas and thoughts travel. It is interesting to share ideas and oneliners in Twitter with smart people, but the depth and breadth of dialogue is in totally different scale when you have bandwidth of real life face to face discussion with people.

Just last friday I had a good few hours of time to talk and exchange ideas with Marko Taipale (
http://fi.linkedin.com/in/markotaipale ) about my experiences and ideas on Cynefin – and how I intend to use it for specific purposes. It was great to see that Marko and his colleagues were doing quite similar things, giving me some validation and insights. Similarly I was able to say and express things that gave Marko some new thoughts – so the meeting was more than mutually beneficial.

To make it easier to meet interesting people around agile topics, we could run few Agile Dinners without food during the summer — so basically just meet people in agreed spot on agreed time and see whatever things we have on our minds. As before the basic rule is to meet first Tuesday of the month. Events are announced in Twitter as well as in the Agile Finland website / wiki.

Next event is on 2.7.2013: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7111136601

See you in Helsinki!

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