Taste of Helsinki

This Friday we visited Taste of Helsinki event … in unfortunately bad weather.

How it works

We wouldn’t have gone otherwise, but we had bought and paid tickets in advance — and did not want to throw 80 euros into waste. Admission fee was 15 euros – and 25 euros was reserved as money to be used for purchases.

Currency used at the event was Markka.

You had to purchase your markkas from the central bank – and money was not exchanged back. We decided to spend additional 40 euros – and managed to get 18 markkas from someone who was leaving the area and was not able to spend the remaining markkas he had in his possession.

Whoever that person was, thanks for the gesture. Rest assured – markkas were well used, invested into good wine!

At the event 12 restaurants and selection of wine sellers were offering tapas sized foods and different wines by glass. As restaurants present at the event were all well known and respected for their culinary art it was impossible to choose wrong.

Satu and Tomi

There were also celebrities present, like Tomi Björck who is both an award winning chef as well as known for his good looks.

As I have more interest in other aspects of life than good looks, more interesting celebrity was Mika Roito from restaurant Huber.

Mika Roito from HUBER!

He was performing on Electrolux’s Master Theater — educating us about the qualities of good beef from Tamminen as well as techniques on succeeding when working with meat. It was fun to see how people reacted to treats that he offered from the meat prepared during the session. Even though the beef at Huber tastes excellent, it is hard to beat the feeling of getting to taste the meat almost straight from the pan or from oven… especially in that weather. Would be great to get lessons from Mika and other guys at Huber and Bertha on how to cook also at home. That would also be an interesting concept for company happenings and customer events — to cook and learn to cook with guys who know how to make meat taste like it should.

Electrolux had something like that going on during the event — offering to few lucky souls the possibility to cook with top chefs three courses. Electrolux was highly visible during the event in every way possible and everyone must have noticed that they had also set up the kitchens for restaurants.

And the dishes and tastes?

Insanely good.

It is not fair to say what was the best one – as everything we tasted was good in its own way.

About the wines we did not test that many new wines, but managed to at least to test champagne which is normally not available ( in Alko that is).

Taittinger Prelude Grand Crus.

We also tested finnish versions of jamon serrano – dry-cured ham.

To be honest did not expect to see something like that made in Finland, but I am genuinely happy that people are starting to create new kinds of local products from local meats.

Looking forward tasting these also at home. If interested, read more about them here.

So all and all a great event and happening, even though we managed to get in during the worst day weatherwise. The silver lining could be though that at least we did not need to wait for that long for food or wines, as there were less people strolling around the area.

Looking forward seeing the event also next year!

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