I’m running – Adidas Heimo21 and Training First running schools this summer

This summer I’m running more than before and actually participate in different running events. I joined in one commercial running school organized by Training First and was also accepted to Adidas Heimo21 ( Heimo is my first name, but also means tribe ) -running team, which trains together few times and aims to run Espoo Rantapuolikas. Rantapuolikas is a half maratahon run in the suburb of Helsinki called Espoo.

Last monday I participated in the kickoff meeting and training for Adidas Heimo21 in Helsinki.

Photo from Adidas

( Photo Copyright Adidas )

Hashtags … Man.. Instagram.

Kickoff meeting!

We got to meet other team members, trainers as well as team leads. There were numerous familiar faces from media and naturally also journalists present to interview people of public interest to different women’s magazines and other media – while we changed into our new running gear provided by Adidas and prepared for our first training together.

Adidas Heimo10 and Heimo21 - Picture from Adidas

Our running coach is Joonas Laurila who is doing an admirable job guiding this group of people into the world of running. All and all he is also a sort of inspiration – gliding on the surface of the earth like a some sort of running machine.

Joonas Laurila

( Photo copyright Adidas )

First practices were held in Lauttasaari, where we got a quick introduction into proper running technique and participated in exercises that made us to activate specific muscles and try how it should feel when we run with a good technique.

After these small exercises it actually felt insanely light and I was able to run few real fast streaks insanely easily. I felt like I was flying. And that was so much fun.

The next day I started a worktrip to Turku went out for a small run there too — taking our new stylish running gear out for a spin.

After a run in Turku. Stylish - eh?

As you can see from the lack of smile, I am not yet at ease with these.

Running tights

And even though I ran a short and slow run, my t-shirt looked like I would have done much more.

See! There are some dry spots

Today — on Thursday — it was time again to do a short run.

Looking myself from the mirror I luckily realized that these running tights are actually kind a cool running gear and have also great utility. All the children, animals and drunks run away from my way covering their eyes — leaving the open road for me.


And as a case example.

Road ahead:

And road behind me:

From the images you can see also the environment where I normally roam — deep in the ghetto of East-Helsinki.

From time to time I stumble upon youth gangs with baseball bats.

This time they were luckily too busy thinking about how they will beat the other gang to notice me. Around the same time as I ran past the baseball stadium it started to rain lightly – putting the running jacket into good test.

Unfortunately the rain was just a really light summer rain, lasting few minutes. But based on the weather reports and our luck with finnish summer weather there is a good possibility that I will end up in real rain shower on some of my runs.

With the Adidas Heimo21 running team we will only meet four or so times, where as Training First’s running school will have meetings throughout the summer almost every week. We will run around Kaivopuisto-area giving me good variation to environments where to run and places to see.

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