Pokket Mixer – finally in use!

Ever since the last October’s trip to Berlin and my schweet purchase at Mauerpark…


I’ve been waiting for a chance to use this small bad boy somewhere.


Now that the summer is here there are plenty of perfect opportunities for fun with it!

Now why would you want to have a small mixer with you anywhere. Why would you want to be able to turn any dumb moment into full dj-party in an instant with just two audio sources and one speakersystem.

Yep. Why not.

The Pokket Mixer is almost perfect small companion for finding the next song on the second audio device ( using headphones on the mixer naturally ) while playing another track on the other. No more annoying switches from song to song in Shuffle modes or boring playlists that are way too familiar to everyone. And if you are really adventurous one — and good with your timings and fingers — you could be able to also mash-up songs live. We actually accidentally managed to synch and mash up one Deadmau5 song and Tiesto song perfectly together – but were unable to repeat the experience again even when we tried hard.

Fun times.


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