This is Spa.. Lean! Tätä on Lean ( Finnish tranlastion of This is Lean!)

Hanken & SSE organized a rather nice book publishing event in Helsinki, celebrating the finnish translation of This is Lean-book. They also donated free copies of the book to all participants of the event — offering also coffee and networking opportunities for people who were interested about the subject.

Added bonus or the main attraction was also the possibility to see, hear and meet Pär and Niklas — the authors of the book.

As I had today some time to read the finnish translation, I can finally say something about it.

The book. It is great.

If you know your stuff, are familiar with lean and Outside In-concepts and have already understood the higher level values and principles of lean — instead of trying to force a machine metaphor through organisations and focusing too much on tools and activities, then this book might not teach you anything new. But. It is still extremely valuable – and extremely well written.

Finally there is a lean book, which puts the emphasis rightly on understanding the higher level thinking: providing value to the customer, selecting proper operational strategy and continuous learning & improvement. I smiled while I read the book and stories, as they rightly puts the need of the customer in the center and only then start to talk about efficiency: resource and flow efficiency.

And the value of it?

You can give it to someone you care. With this book you can help people to help themselves to understand and get — hopefully — the much required a-ha moment.

The book is so slim, that you can read it through extremely fast — or if you are able to participate similar two hour seminar by Pär and Niklas, you basically learn all the key concepts during that session. But those sessions do not scale, where as ”This is Lean”-book scales really nicely and can spread the key concepts and language around your networks or organization in no time.

And just as a testament to that statement, I already promised to send my copy to our customer’s team — so that we get the same foundation to discuss issues together.

Few snapshots from the seminar part.

Session starting


Handling travel receipts example was just absolutely brilliant and hit home.


Jidoka analogy through foot ball game. Once again exceptionally nicely packaged nugget of information. High value concept delivered in a metaphorical story that instantly makes sense to readers and participants.

Life without the visibility - process silos

And comparison of the situation to moments, when people do not have common glasses and visibility to the organizational goal and are working only inside their tents or silos.


Set, Test, Eval, Anal, Learn!… #anal

There are naturally also situations where systems thinking concepts are not the right answer. People folllowing Dave Snowden will recite ”bounded applicability” and point you to make sense of your world with cynefin-framework. For those situations where systems thinking, flow and kaizen are usable concepts, ”This is Lean” is definitely a powerful pollinator of ideas and concepts.

Thank you Niklas and Pär for writing this book, and making it a phenomena.

This book will make my life much easier.

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