Commitment ( The book – if you were wondering )

First of all, get it from here.
Once you purchased your copy, read through why you made a good purchase both in terms of a good business book as well as a good graphic novel.

I’ve been a fan of Chris Matt’s and Olav Maassen’s ideas on real options applied to project management and decision making in general ever since in Calmp Alpha-event Liz Keogh provided such clear and understandable stories on how she applies those simple ideas in her work and in everyday decisions.

Though keeping your options deliberately open and postponing making decision until you know why is not necessarily unique idea, real options as told by Chris ( * 2 ) and Olav in The Commitment provide a contagious way for you to deliberately think through your options, make decisions on how to keep necessary options open and how to relax even though your Gantt-charts look like everything is going to hell. And once you get into the pattern of thinking things either as commitments or options, you start or can start to apply it almost everywhere.

The greatest value of the book that I see in my work, and the reason why I brought 10 copies of the book home from London …

Some of the copies I brought home

.. is that the book helps me to work with other people who are more inclined to enforce traditional rigid project management methods and approaches in situations, where agility and flexibility could provide better results – and save everyones’ nerves from breaking down.

Real options gives us a language and a way to discuss that flexibility and agility in a way that is coherent with more traditional thinking of risks and is not yet tainted with bad agile experiences or stigmas like ’yeah we tried to do scrum / kanban / scrotum – but it does not work here’. You start with simple concept that is coherent and familiar – and allow people to follow you through the rabbit hole as far as they feel good about it and still feel that they keep the control.

Great stuff.

And I already gave first copies to our customers – who quickly responded that the book was a delightful and quick read with something old and something new, and definitely lots of things to think about. From this day forward real options are in our normal vocabulary.

Mission accomplished!

I also happened to participate the book launch event in London, and was prepared to represent translators of the book — as I have been participating in the community of people who have been translating the book to multiple different languages. Luckily I did not have to say anything and was able to just focus on meeting old friends and have a great time at Skype’s offices.

Launch party at Skype

Good times. Good times.

If you didn’t already buy the book and need more convincing, check out the site for free first chapters. The artwork looks good also in PDF, but genuinely works better in printed form — which means that you can proudly put this book next to your greatest graphic novels in your bookshelf.

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