Helsinki – American Bar – A true gem in the city center

If you take your cocktails and drinking seriously, there is really no reason to miss visiting or frequenting in American Bar. Though there are also other places in Helsinki that get your senses flowing and can blow your mind with talented drinks — it is American Bar which we call home the most.

It is not just the drinks. It is the whole experience — with the drinks. Even if you are a seasoned visitor, small changes in the menu can bring you totally new experiences and you can not disregard the talent and expertise the guys put into their craft. For some time before the launch of the new drink menu I heard and discussed with them what the menu might contain – but my brain was unable to process how said things could actually work together.

But they did. Great example, beetroot margarita.

In the time and age when some barkeepers can manage only to mix redbull and vodka – and serve breezers, beer and ciders — it is a genuine pleasure to visit a bar that still holds the true craftmanship in value for the benefit of it’s customers.

If you happen to value champagne more, then you have the opportunity to taste Ruinart by glass — or take the opportunity to enjoy a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte in good company. If you are a member of S – co-operative, the price you pay will be actually almost the same as if you would make the purchase in Alko.

Above you see also a quite decent pulled pork burger to be enjoyed if you need something to eat.

Even with all the drinks and enjoyment possibilities – the place would not be the same without the people making American Bar what it is with such an excellent service and talent. It is Mika, Jarkko and Pekka who really make the American Bar shine – and create an amazing atmosphere to enjoy.

You can see Jarkko at work here:

And Pekka Välitalo tweets from time to time:

See you in American Bar.

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