Just a day in Helsinki …

We spent a rather nice leisure day today in Helsinki.

I started the day with a nice really slow run to heal my sore legs. After the run I switched my running shoes to my stylish walking sneakers, old school -style Karhu Fulcrums.

Karhu Fulcrum

We met in Sörnäinen to enjoy a lunch in Fafa’s at Vilhonvuorenkatu. Best falafel in Helsinki.

Summer terrace was a great addition to Fafa’s – as you can enjoy the sun also while waiting for your food, instead of just hanging inside store.

After getting food we went to the Kaisaniemi to see the World Village Festival.

Beer Tram

Seeing also the Koff beer tram. One of the nicest ways to take a sightseeing and drink beer in Helsinki.

World Village Festival had activities starting all the way from the Railway Station’s square.

Railway station activities

Poetry sessions in front of Aleksis Kivi statue.

Drum circle on the way to Kaisaniemi park.

And finally the park area.

Might say something about the festival later on. Now it is sufficient to just say that it is nice to see all kinds of activities in Helsinki center.

At the same time there was a youth theater festival going on in national theater.

… adding few youthful characters to the flow of people in the area.

As the weather was so superb, we spent rest of the day having a barbecue at our friend’s house.

When we returned to the city, we witnessed the largest trap we have ever seen for those who try to use public transportation without a ticket. 12 or so ticket inspectors, multiple security guards to provide muscle and backup — and even two police officers.

All and all, not bad day.

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