Fashion Stock Sale 2013 – Vanha ylioppilastalo

We follow fashion. And we want to find good deals. Hence we actively visit fashion markets and sales, when multiple different vendors come together to show their wares and make offers you can’t refuse. Yesterday we participated in Fashion Stock Sale event organized by Lumi accessories and Elle magazine.

Many of the usual suspects where there, but luckily we did not find that much ”must have”-things and for the rest had our senses on, which meant that Satu agreed to leave even Minna Parikka’s shoes behind. They are gorgeous pieces of art, but still not in the mandatory section.

Paloni had Päivi & Janne Brunou’s items nicely visible for all the world to see.

Great designs from Mäntsälä.

The most important purchases and finds we made from our old friends Chao & Eero — extremely talented jewelry makers from Lahti. I’ve been a fan of their work for a long time, having bought previously one ring for myself, beautiful necklace for myself — and of course our engagement rings from them.

This time I invested into silver cufflinks that I have wanted to get for a long, long time. For Satu I purchased something absolutely fabulous – but will not show it here in the blog. It might be seen later on, when Satu wears it.

For everyday use I found a really nice accessory from Lumi.

Beautiful and small leather wallet. Luckily for much cheaper price than the suggested retail price.

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