Some love for Krista Siegfrids

It was such a shame that Krista Siegfrids did not get more love in the official Eurovision-vote. This acoustic version of bubble gum-pop song Marry Me! shows that besides being good entertainer she also has some real singing skills.

Too bad it seems that Ding Dong!-album does not make the most out of the potential and is mostly annoying – sounding a bit like Kei$ha. ”Can You See Me?” is the only really strong song, and that is a quiet ballad.

Though ”Marry Me!” will not be remembered as a pop gem you do have to appreciate the energy and effort that the whole team Ding Dong has attacked the project.

Silly entertainment, but done so well that people got excited.

The last time I was excited about Eurovision, was 2006 when we had something completely different.

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