I love my New Balance MR10yb2 – shoes, but they have a one design flaw

Few days ago I upgraded my running shoes to New Balance MR10 model and eagerly took them for few spins already in London. Absolutely magnificent shoe for me. Felt so light, fresh and good in my feet. And look great.

However after few runs in Finland — once back home, I noticed a potential design flaw that is annoying at least here in Finland.

See the bottom of the shoe.

This shows the section under your heel.

It is a hole, which I assume is there to give flexibility and more movement to the sole. And I assume that it also works pretty well.

However it also collects huge amounts of small rocks into it.

These small rocks were in my shoes after just one run. Second image includes Ikea furniture supertool for size reference.

I’m yet to see whether this has any long term effect on how durable these shoes will be – but will keep an eye on that. In any case I have already another pair coming from another online retailer as I was so happy with these shoes and how they feel. I sincerely hope that these small rocks do not cause any damage to the shoe and that I have hundreds and hundreds of kilometers to be run with these shoes.

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