Getting to London – and going out for a run

What is wrong with me. I come to London and instead of first heading down to a pub and having paint of excellent ale or bitter, I just switch into my running gear and go out for a run? Seriously. What is wrong with me.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day with sunshine and warm weather, that luckily I was not the only one with the same idea. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park were filled with people strolling around and enjoying their day – as well as hundreds of runners who were either enjoying a nice run or enjoying the pain they got from a not so nice run.

I had so much fun running from Queensway all the way to the Speaker’s corner – around the end of the park and through the Flowers walk back to the Queensway and to the embassy area – where I did my cooling down walking after the run. A short 6 kilometer run and the walk afterwards were just perfect tools to get me up and running after the early morning flight to London – and get me once again oriented into big city life with people swarming everywhere.

And yes. I love every single moment of it.

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