Time for festivities

End of April was such a time for festivities as between Satu’s birthday and Mayday festivities was also weekend filled with joy and laughter as Satu’s sister and her better half were visiting us. With them we visited Mange Sud and Paksu.

We stayed at city center Glo Hotel and visited some amazing restaurants: Boulevard Social and Demo. Naturally we also had short visits to the American Bar too.

Mediterranean kitchen in Boulevard Social provided awesome snacks and larger dishes to be shared between eaters.

Chorizo hotdogs and lamb meatballs were really tasty. Too bad that the taste does not show in these pictures.

Most awesome dish of the dinner was salmon pastrami:

.. even though rest of the dishes were just splendid.

Boulevard Social definitely deserves another visit as well as proper post about the tastes. Looking forward opportunities to dive in to the dishes again and sample tasty fish and meat dishes again in good company. The thing that I remember most — besides great food — is that dishes were meant to be shared. Atmosphere in the restaurant was really lively as people were really enjoying the food, discussing and having fun.

The other restaurant we visited was Demo. And we were at loss for words.

Food and wines were insanely good. Insanely good.

I’ve always liked Demo. Though with larger groups visits have felt little different as there has been less time to enjoy dishes properly. It could also be that the kitchen can’t create such stellar results when they do dishes for larger group at the same time.

In any case visits with just Satu or in small group have tasted way better than visits in groups over 10. Do not get me wrong – food, wines and the atmosphere have always been really great at Demo — but those ’blow my mind’ culinary experiences have been the ones when we have been there in small group.

This visit was definitely one of those. Mind blown. Seriously. The best dinner I have ever had.

At the hotel we enjoyed Lanson Gold label – and also visited Kakkugalleria to sample few cakes.

Happy times were had.

Rest of the pictures:


First of may festivities started the day before with breakfast at Sandro cafe in Kolmas linja.

After breakfast we checked into the hotel.

… and prepared the bubble bath!

As we don’t have bathtub at home, ability to take bubble bath is always a luxury.

Therefore we made sure we had everything we need. Good tunes:

And something to enjoy responsibly.

After the bath we visited Veuve Cliquot caravan:

And headed to over dinner at Grotesk:

Insanely good – once again.

Afterwards we visited American Bar.

The next day we visited city center for first of may festivities in sunshine.

Good times were had.

Afterwards we had the afternoon brunch in Flada 13.

And still had time to enjoy sun on our balcony.

Life is good.

Now it is time to get back to the routines and hit the gym.

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