Paksu is a strange place – in a positive way.

It is located in the heart of the city, but underground. If you don’t know it – it is possible that you would not know that there is a restaurant waiting for you. They already almost managed to go belly up – but turned their bad luck into social media phenomena and collected some well needed capital to continue.

We visited today Paksu’s brunch and were really happy that they are still in business.

Brunch consisted of cold dishes — salads, vegetables, meats, breads, spreads, cake, pannacotta etc. – and separate warm foods, including custom made omelets based on your own preferences. Nothing fancy, just awesomely good tasting food.

Bacon and cheese omelet was a clear winner.

At the same time kitchen was also producing burgers, ribs and other dishes that made my mouth salivate — and forces me to visit Paksu again. Simple, straight forward and good food.

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