Mange Sud

There is a restaurant in Helsinki, which has been a go to place for us for some time already. A place which has never disappointed us, place where we have always received great service – and most importantly place where we have wholeheartedly enjoyed our meals and time there. That place is and has been Mange Sud in Eira.

They have rich wine cellar with nice wines to complement your meal – and have always been very courteous and helpful in providing insights and information about selected wines – as well as helped to find suitable wine for your taste if you want to select something else than the recommendations.

Even though they have real gems in the cellar for those with heavier wallets, they also serve great wines by glass and have good options for different price points. House champagne is available for 10 euros per glass.


… So never start a meal without it!

Yesterday we visited Mange Sud with Satu’s sister and her better half – and enjoyed full three and half hours of great food and wines. I took the cellar specials package, which included some more interesting wines from the cellar than the regular suggestions. Was not disappointed.

First courses were risotto milanese for girls:


And Beef Carpaccio for me:

Wines were Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano 2008 with the risotto:

And really nice Chateau La Garde -white wine for me:

… It seems that the wine had also got nice scores in Wine Spectator.

My next dish was roasted scallops:

Paired with nice glass of albarino.

Pazo Barrantes Albarino

Fish of the day was served with asparagus and hollandaise:

.. served with familiar chablis.

My main course was Iberico pork steak.

For wine I got something special: Le Mas de l Ecriture De L L’Émotion

Desserts were traditional chocolat fondant and creme brulee.

With the fondant was served an insanely good dessert wine: Josefina Piñol Red – made from granache and syrah.

We have enjoyed this dessert wine also earlier in Mange Sud – and somehow it just fits to our mouth nicely and complements the taste of chocolate fondant extremely well.

I got a taste from Italy in the form of Tre monti estate’s Albana Passito.

Desserts were followed by double espresso and home made limoncello.

Resulting a nice collection of glasses – even though waiters were busy transporting used glasses from the table and new glasses to the table.

All and all it was once again a spectacular dinner at Mange Sud. Everything just worked and we thoroughly enjoyed, even though the menu was already familiar to us and did not provide completely new experiences to us in the way as dinners at Demo or Chez Dominique do. But who cares when you get really good straight to the point food, cozy atmosphere, great wines and amazing service — with prices you can afford even without an expenses account.

As we discussed when the menus will change, we learned that new menu should be coming in next month – which means we should have new reasons to revisit Mange Sud few times during the summer season.

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