Snapshots from Loiste and Tiger on October 2012

Loiste is a decent restaurant in the Helsinki city center with great views from the terrace to the railwaystation or from the wine bar to the Kamppi region and Narikkatori. Kitchen also produces decent finnish dishes with traditional nice tastes.

For the life of me I can’t remember exactly what we had this time, but I make guesses that the starter was roasted veal fillet and the main course was rather good duck breast with vegetables. No-one complained about the taste and good times were had, especially as we were celebrating our friend’s birthday.


Dessert was consumed in a hotel room that was reserved for the occasion. Strawberry cake from Kakkugalleria.

Rest of the night was spent at the Tiger.

International and expensive.

Kategoria(t): Food, life. Lisää kestolinkki kirjanmerkkeihisi.


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