Need for slack time: processing my mental backlog

It is that time again when I feel overwhelmed and need to take time to process my mental backlog, read and write some thoughts to paper, emails and blog. Normally during the work weeks and between all the social commitments I have just barely enough time to scratch interesting articles, books, tweets and ideas I come across – but not enough time to consume and absorb — let alone allow new ideas and thoughts to grow from all these inputs and sparks.

This feeling of being overwhelmed has been additionally intensified by having courses and lectures like David Snowden’s and Joseph Pelrine’s excellent Cynefin and Agile-course we just had in Helsinki. After being for two days at the receiving end of a intellectual firehose leaves it’s mark.

Yesterday I spent most of the day just relaxing and sleeping, and today I’ve started to groom my backlog and process items. I did some non priority blog posts just for the fun of it and then started to process the heavy stuff about complex adaptive systems, systems thinking and psychology.

To orient myself into this processing I watched few interesting lectures that help my mind to prepare itself and let me more easily once again connect few dots into new shapes.

I first started with Joseph’s great talk from 2009:

This talk is still one of my go to materials, helping me to remember things and thoughts from Joseph’s Coaching Self Organizing Teams classes. If you still have the opportunity to partake the class somewhere, I highly suggest it. Joseph is great consultant and thinker – as well as a teacher, applying thoughts, anecdotes and theories not only from research and science – but also from actual practice and adoption in software development.

David Ing is another teacher who has influenced me. He never ceases to amaze in how much information, insights and ideas he has been able to absorb and distill into clear presentations and lectures. So after watching Joseph’s talk I finally watched David Ing’s excellent presentation about rethinking systems thinking:

Next step is to take some some oven warm bread…

…. and procrastinate.

During the night my thoughts will get clearer – and I am ready to write down my post about the general theory of everything.

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