Breaking Bad is rubbish

I find it strange that so many people are fans of the show Breaking Bad.

There are many articles like following:

… hailing Breaking Bad as the best thing in TV since The Wire.

And I don’t get it how people see it so good.

Personally I see Breaking Bad as an annoying series with huge problems in how it develops.

The best characterization of the flaws in the show were written up in this post:

My main problem is summarized in this:

All of this “air-tight” plotting comes at the expense of real character development. The characters are whatever the plot needs them to be, sometimes they’re smart, sometimes they’re clueless, like an entire cast of post-Season 10 Homer Simpsons.

They could have had really interesting characters and plot with the same premise, but they ended up with cliches like Jesse. As I have done my research to the series through Netflix I have wondered how plausible the story lines and character actions have felt when people have written them.

For the writers of the series Jesse is the godsend screwup, whose actions and failures can always be used to create new confrontation and tension to otherwise stale situation. If everything is going on fine, you can always trust on Jesse to screw it up. And somehow no one is yet fed up with him enough to send him to swim with sharks.

Breaking Bad could work, if you watch it from broadcast television one episode at a time. It is visually beautiful and there is enough action in each episode to make it interesting. But as soon as you start to watch it in larger batches it looks completely different.

It would be more interesting to watch Breaking Bad if the characters would be more consistent and plausible as a whole.

Breaking Bad is not Sopranos, it is not The Wire. It is not the worst crime show, but it definitely is not the best one either.

But still, in the name of science I am going to watch also the season 5 someday.

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