The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin’s writing

Aaron Sorkin writes great dialogue and creates interesting characters – and puts them into interesting situations without guns. Characters in some of his shows are great in portraying people who are smart, work hard, aspire to do and be great things — and still struggle and fumble in life like we all do.

Sorkin’s stories in The West Wing are my go to stories, when I feel down in the face of current politics and developments in the society. They are simple stories and moments that integrate interesting human moments, stories and relationships into larger storylines that should be familiar and interesting to us… Or at least more familiar than danish court hundreds of years ago or whatever other contexts were relevant during the times when our literature classics were written.

I love Sorkin’s stories that repeat Don Quijotesque themes of people fighting for love and what is right even when faced with constant cynicism and strong adversary.

Great writing.

In the world where everything is going bonkers and media outlets are spinning more entertainment than intelligent dialogue between people these stories are good reminders and inspiration that the world is what we create out of it.

Be good.

Be better.

Have high standards for yourself and do not lose hope.

…. and have a bag full of great phrases to cultivate.

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