Why I hate Spring Framework

Well, not really.

The thing that sometimes bugs me with Spring Framework is the fact that it has already solved some of the puzzles that I am trying to solve, and I do realize that they have the elegant nice solution in a new version available — if I just had kept up with the framework’s new releases properly.

Spring 3.2 was just released and I was still catching up with 3.1 features — and I didn’t even have yet time to test and use all the existing features to make sense on their usability and applicability to my projects. And to be honest I only now got to use the embedded database support feature, which has been around since 3.0 — and which is, by the way, awesome for making snappy DAO level tests that you can run even in your low memory Macbook Air… Awesome I say!

So many cool things in the world. So little time.

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