JetBrains WebStorm and IntelliJ Idea to help development of Alfresco extensions and YUI extensions

I actually started to write this posting a while ago, when I tested WebStorm web IDE – and realized that it helped my life considerably. My job was to get knee deep into current Alfresco Share UI-layer implementation and see and show how different javascript components actually work together.

If you are not familiar with Alfresco Share – it is built on top of Surf ( Spring Surf ) framework, which is Alfresco Software’s rapid development framework for building MVC applications with javascript, java and FTL-templates. On top of that UI layer is developed with YUI javascript framework – communicating with the backend services defined ( proxy ) in the Spring Surf application.

What gets my boxers into knots has been how there are things with similar names defined in multiple levels – and sometimes it is quite burdensome to navigate through different file structures and keep everything fresh in your mind, knowing what does what and how things flow. It is definitely not rocket science, but requires discipline.

WebStorm makes everything much more comfortable – as it makes handling the UI level so much faster and easier. As I load the web project into the editor, it reads the javascripts and parses the object model and how the code is interpreted. As you start to edit and read the code – the editor actually helps you to understand what attributes and functions are defined in the objects and where everything is defined.

As soon as I tested WebStorm for few days I fell in love with it, even though it felt a little old school to be thinking to pay for an IDE. In the day and age of Netbeans and Eclipse paying for an IDE? Seriously.

But yeah. That is what I did.

Personal licence was cheap compared to the productivity boost that it gave me. And even though I do get paid by the hour – I prefer to use those ours productively and solve much more interesting problems than mundane things.

Before the christmas another funny thing happened. JetBrains ran Maya end of the world sale, selling their flagship Java IDE for 75% off. Though I’ve been really happy Netbeans and Eclipse user – I decided to give it a serious try, especially as my dear friend Mikael Gueck has been talking in sweet words about it.

And do I like it?

Oh boy I do.

I am still learning the ropes of it, but so far the integrations for example with Spring and workflows that the IDE has for the programmer seem awesome… And productive.

Could it be that Intelli J Idea is actually really good IDE.

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