Apple TV and AirPlay – solution to our living room media needs

At the same time I hate how Apple behaves creating closed and tightly controlled ecosystems – and admire how great usability and user value they create for people who are sucked into their domain. I tried to see other options, but building own media pc, getting WD Live, D-Link Boxee or trying to get Roku ( not available in Europe though yet ) all seemed more expensive and not as usable choices.

Apple TV itself is quite closed and without AirPlay I would not have even considered Apple TV as the solution. Thanks to AirPlay I can play music, movies or even programs from my laptops or desktop computers – and even iPads – on the big screen. And thanks to Air Parrot ( separately licensed 3rd party program ) I can stream content even from Windows – and from older macs that don’t yet have Snow Lion.

So now we can watch Netflix right in the living room and stream HBO Nordic and other content to the big screen from on of our laptops and desktops. Not bad for a 100 euro device, which is also so easy to use that almost anyone can operate it.

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