Boost Turku’s startup journey bootcamp

My friend asked to help with Boost Turku’s startup journey bootcamp in Turku as a technology coach – and as I just happened to be in the Turku area, I agreed to drop by for one evening to help them out.

The event was held in an old mansion 10 or so minutes away from Turku center. Close enough city so that it was easy to get to, but far away from everything to keep people in one place and allow people to work without any distractions.

It was fun to talk with these groups of students, who were working on their ideas and going to get coaching on numerous different subjects during the weekend. Unfortunately for me teams who were pitching their ideas did not really have technical problems or challenges in their work / ideas at these stages – and my role was mostly to just assess whether they had relevant skills for their journey and whether they had thought properly how they would go forward.

I also challenged some groups to think again their concept to be able to implement them. What is the actual value they are trying to produce and are there other options – than the ones they had already thought – to implement their product and produce similar value to users without the need to solve really hard technical problems during the first step if that is not necessary.

My few hours at the camp was a fun experience, even though I was way too tired after a hard week of work from running workshops to be able to be on my best and give most value to these young want to be entrepreneurs. Though I had to jump to the work without almost any preparations I was happy to see that with some clear thinking, right questions and applied experience I was able to give at least some insights and  pointers to some of the teams. And then again there were some teams that I had nothing to give as either they already had a really good grasp of what they were going to do and how.

As the concept of the accelerator program is that the idea is enough – it will be interesting to see what comes out from the teams and ideas that go through the program. It surely will be an experience and learning opportunity for participants.

And I sure hope that they listen to Mika Marjamaa’s words on later stages about how to avoid few common mistakes:


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