Herkkujen suomi 2012

There was an interesting exhibition at the Rautatientori this september – showing off finnish food producers and breweries from different parts of the country. I absolutely love these kinds of events in idea – but quite often have to feel disappointed by the quality of what they show and offer. For example most of the foods offered at this event felt more or less festival / carnival foods – so nothing that would really bring out the best of best of what those ingredients have to offer.

But we did get to sample great individual food items and products – even though dishes served were not anything to remember.



Reindeer kebab. Do not ask.

The best thing about the event — beside getting to buy really excellent north karelian karelian pies — was getting to know Food is Art collective. Got some new restaurants to my todo-list in Tampere!


Kategoria(t): Food, life. Lisää kestolinkki kirjanmerkkeihisi.


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