Bertha – Tampere

You know you are in a good restaurant, when even the toilet is cool.

At restaurant Bertha it is. And so is the food.

This was my second time at Bertha – and though I have to say that even though the first time at Bertha really blew my mind, this menu was not far off it either. The event was already so long time ago that I can’t remember what we discussed about the dishes — how they were prepared and so on, so only thing I can write down is the basic ingredients that I had in email.

We started off with some sparkling wine from England. Yeah, I know it sounds silly – but they actually seem to make really nice wines there too.

First course was salmon, cucumber and fennel.

Followed by main course: beef, celery and garlic. Beef was so tender that it melted in your mouth. A great reason to buy a circulator to your own kitchen and start cooking food in sous vide.

Dessert was chocolate, banana and finnish Jaloviina.


And a double espresso with a slice of jaloviina – instead of cognac.

If you ever happen to be in Tampere – Bertha is definitely a place to go, especially if you are paying. For the quality of the food, atmosphere and service the menus and drink menus are a bargain – at least compared to the prices in Helsinki.

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