I think I don’t like Windows Phone at all

I had the opportunity to feel what a person switching old Nokia-phone to new Lumia 710.  Thank god it was not my new phone.

My first obstacle was to get old contacts from the Nokia phone to Windows Phone. I only later learned that I could have avoided some pain by using Bluetooth and contacts transfer program. However I made the mistake of thinking first that there would be a nice path to synchronize data from the PC Suite to the Lumia. One component that threw me also off was that contacts were in SIM card, not in phones memory — and the Nokia page explicitly said ”Your old phone needs to support Bluetooth. The contacts on your old phone need to be stored in the phone memory, not on the SIM card.”. D’oh! Why didn’t I just copy contacts to the phone. Oh well.

I managed to copy contacts to the computer, but was stumped when there was no way to copy contact Vcards into the phone or no way to sync from PC Suite to Zune. My thinking stayed focused on getting those contacts from the computer to the Lumia and Google showed that one way would be to synch contacts through Gmail!

I ran in the dos prompt:

copy *.vcf all.vcf

… which concatenated all the contacts into one. And that one I was able to import into Gmail.

Then as I connected the Gmail account with the phone, contacts were synched also to the phone. Job well done, though I missed the opportunity to synch everything through Bluetooth.

Next problems were with all sorts of functionality of Windows Phone and some specific applications, which didin’t feel intuitive. I felt lost.

Then there was Nokia Maps and Navigation.

I had this question in my mind about how to be able to use maps offline. I looked at the application and tried to figure out where I would be able to download maps for offline usage. Eventually I learned that it is not possible. But… I would be able to download maps for navigation application.

There were numerous small things that bugged me – and though it is possible that eventually everything would be worked out and I would get used to the Windows Phone, in just a short time I had so many GAAH-moments that I actually felt hostile feelings towards Windows Phone. It wasn’t anything really, really big. It was just many, many small things.

And those small moments ruined Windows Phone for me.

But then again… Isn’t that a good thing?

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