Midsummerfest 2012 in Pyhtää

Finns are a strange bunch of people. At that one magical and specific moment we pack our belongings and way too much food – and haul our selves into summer cottage to have a feast with friends, food, sauna, fire and drinks.

.. and that is our food for just one day.

In our case the cottage was actually on a small island – and we were there as a guests with a great group of people.

Almost as soon as we arrived it was already time to eat.

Beef and bacon.. And salad and new potatoes.

Scenery was not bad either.

As we were under the powers of nature, we had prepared for hard sunlight as well as rain with official Baywatch Beach gazebo.

And as the day turned into closer to dusk, it was time to burn the bonfire.

Throughout the night we had a Nokia Play 360 playing our favorite songs either from iPad library or from Spotify.

Eventually the bonfire was only a pile of rubbish.

… and then it was already dawn.

Next day we had a beautiful lunch weather and catered lunch to be had outside on the terrace.

Paella for everyone!

And some decent white wine.

Not bad.

The same evening we also watched some football first from the computer..

.. but as there was some lag in the stream, we had to switch to the low tech solution: TV from 1985.

Paella was served also as lunch the next day..

… we basicly used all left over meats from previous days – and it was delicious.

Weather however changed from day to day quite dramatically.

… and then sunny again.

While it was raining – there really was nothing else to do than to read, listen to music, eat, sleep, drink …. and of course go to sauna!

No matter what the weather was – we had sauna and also went for a quick swim. Have to say that it is quite fun to walk from steaming hot sauna to the sea in cold rain. Though I did not mind the darker weather, it was much more enjoyable to have really nice sunshine on few days.

For the last day on the island we got an amazing sunshine.

But eventually we had to return to the mainland.

Let’s see if we have time and opportunity to visit the cottage again during this summer.




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