Summer reading on Kindle touch

I have to give it to Amazon this time. They have managed to perfect Kindle touch to the level that it really makes sense to own one as a reader. I’ve been using Kindle on computers as well as on iPad for few years now and I have seen Kindle previously – as Mikael Gueck had the old Kindle dx. Previously Kindle display was already ok, but operating it felt little sluggish and the form factor was less than optimal.

Kindle touch is small, faster and has a superb display.

Amazon has also managed to create a good experience when receiving  the device… the unboxing.



The form factor of the Kindle touch gives me the opportunity to carry Kindle with me in certain jackets in jacket pocket and use free time to read — where ever I may roam.

That is impressive…. even though Satu does not approve me reading all the time.


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