Window management on OS X: Optimal Layout + Afloat

There are some really nifty tools with great usability and huge increases for personal productivity. Two tools that I just started to take into use are Optimal Layout and Afloat.

I had been using WindowFlow and Divvy for a long time, but felt that it is cumbersome to  use different programs to layout windows neatly and then switch between them. OptimalLayout is great tool to help you switch between windows as well as layo them out nicely on your big screen. It is WindowFlow and Divvy combined – and added with nifty features like finding the right window or tab by writing part of the title into search window, which is naturally tied into a keyboard shortcut. Awesome!

Optimal Layout is available for fee in AppStore.

Another app that solves some of my previous problems was Afloat – which allows me to say to a window to float over other windows. Pretty usable when you want to watch a Youtube or Vimeo documentary on one side of the screen and still work well with other programs which might use also space underneath your browser.

How neat!


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