Documentaries about hot button issues

It is funny what kind of conspiracies, myths and negative stories there are still around – in this day of reason and knowledge –  about certain subjects that time after time are hot button issues for many people: what people do in their bedrooms, what is used to relieve hard pains or relieve the pressures of modern life.

Today I spent some time watching few interesting documentaries, which shed some light and interesting viewpoints to some of these subjects – as well as raises questions on whether we — as societies — have created the best possible policies and systems to resolve the potential problems associated with these issues.

Naturally these documentaries focus on US, but in the global world almost anything decided in the US affects many other countries in the world. United states uses tremendous financial and political power around the globe, and has shown to be willing to strong arm other nations to create policies which do not endanger the stability of their view of life.

And of course these documentaries are liberally biased. Reality is.

They are also entertaining, so great entertainment to watch on rainy vacation day.

The Union.

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

Vanguard: Missionaries of Hate

For the Bible tells me so.


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