Play, try, learn, share – it is in the internets

Sometimes. Just sometimes, my faith in humanity gets restored.

Internet is an amazing invention in good and bad connecting people, ideas and thoughts – and though it is and has been used to spread, create and organize vile and evil acts and thoughts, there are way more possibilities to do good, inspire and heal the evil that men do and have done.

It is amazing how in these days we have – if we so want and choose so – so vast resources of information and ideas that can transcend our being, life and work into creation of some greater good. If we just see beyond our fears and our own shortcomings – take leaps of faith and use our curious minds to grow new ideas, the world can be a better place for us – and for everyone else.

The thing that has saddened me from time to time is the fact that progress in the humanity and society isn’t guaranteed. Without work progress stagnates and regresses. Watching old documentaries and news programs from previous decades, it strikes me odd that we still battle so similar challenges related to lack of love and compassion. Instead of reaching to the stars, we are still repeating same mistakes in new formats.

Narrow mindedness, cynicism, greed and fear get reborn in each generation if people do not take a stand and show that with optimism and warm hearts we can leverage our great minds and potential – and be what we can be.

It is amazing how great platform for good internet can be. How single souls can aggregate and bring together brilliant ideas, stand on the shoulders of giants and create something new – and by releasing it into the wild touch, move and enable new ideas and emotions emerge from hundreds, thousands or even from millions of human beings.

Never have we -as citizens and individuals – had such a powerful soapbox, testbed and learning platform at our disposal.

We can play with different thoughts and ideas.

We can try things and learn from our experiences.

We can share what we created and learned.

It is amazing. And it can change the world.




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