Fantastic small grassroots campaign to give out business tickets to less privileged juniors!

I absolutely hate the situation with the ice hockey world championships’ ticket prices.

If you haven’t heard, people at finnish and swedish hockey federations thought that ice hockey fans would seriously pay hundreds and hundreds of euros for tickets… after all it is the world championships! And those who do not want to cough up hundreds of euros, can buy pay-TV packages to enjoy the games via television like other poor people.

First day of the games was played  in rather empty arenas and fans, media – as well as players ( atleast in Sweden ) already gave poignant critique on the situation. Apparently the atmosphere is not quite the same when real fans are missing. Instead of fans you get large groups of business partners of sponsors – who are there to enjoy drinks and socialize, not to enjoy the game and cheer teams.

In Sweden swedish hockey federation already said they screwed up – and dramatically dropped ticket prices to get audience to the games. Finnish ice hockey federation has not done a thing yet. And as they have already previously showed that they are clueless and not in touch with ice hockey fanbase, I doubt that do any real corrective moves.

Luckily there are people who try to do something.

Guys from Sofanatics started a campaign to recycle some of those business tickets to less privileged young people, who normally would have no chance of getting any tickets to games.

I also participated by donating four tickets that I got.


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