Discontinuing my Elixia membership – been lazy & fat geek

In principle I liked Elixia. Their gyms are extremely nice, tidy and well equipped – and they have numerous group exercises going on each week. I especially enjoyed going to the gym with Satu during the weekends, but seriously lacked the effort to go there actively on my own.

Even though it is just a kilometer away from my home, it is not on my normal path to the city or to my workplace. It was always a special dedicated effort to go there, instead of just putting running shoes on and starting to practice. To be honest during the spring I also lacked the energy and health to actively run also, which means that I’ve been getting into worse shape and paying a lot of money each month at the same time for services I would not use.

As Satu also cancelled her subscription, it was now my time to do the same – as I did not see my schedules changing — or me getting extra burst of energy to go away from my normal paths to go to the gym. Instead of Elixia I opted now to a much more limited and down to basic gym, which at the same time costs only a fraction and is more conveniently located at right next to Sörnäinen metro-station.

The new place offers one year membership for the same price I was paying for three months of day membership at Elixia, so it is also a sensible choice in that way too.

Let’s what the reality will be.

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