Take a hotel room at Omena and conquer the Long Wall

I am not that big a fan of Omena-hotels, but from time to time they do offer an amazing value for money and nice location in almost the center of the city. If you do not need other services of a hotel, then they can work nicely as a base for you and your friends — when you are about to conquer the city.

I actually had an accident as I was supposed to book the hotel from Yrjönkatu, but took the one from Eerikinkatu — few hundred meters away from the city center. Luckily it didn’t matter that much to us.

At the same time we also sampled Kamppi’s chinede gem: Long wall.

Though the Long Wall proved to be a rather good chinese restaurant – it wasn’t anything that would blow our mind away and really make us to take a mental note to come back again. Personally New Bamboo Center gives better value for money – though Long Wall and New Bamboo Center are competing in completely different price categories.

One of the good chinese restaurants in Helsinki.

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