Scan Agile 2012 – thanks for all the fish!

8th of March was a pretty cool day. We woke up early at home, drank some much needed caffeine in the form of Starbucks Espressoshot and rushed to the Scandinavian Agile 2012 conference to get everything up and running before the doors were supposed to open.

I was so proud for our program – as our team had done a great job of bringing a lot of interesting speakers and topics together. This year we were breaking some traditional barriers and bringing in ideas and thoughts from non agile circles – and hoping that mixing and matching communities would create something interesting.

I was hosting the ’Human Touch’-track, which proved to be quite popular based on attendance. We had really interesting talkers like Dave Snowden and Joseph Pelrine talking about how complexity science relates to agile – and how we methodologies from that domain could help us to make more sense in our daily work.

Snowden’s and Pelrine’s talks were really interesting for me as just few weeks ago I had had the pleasure of participating the Calm alpha-event, where same subjects were discussed and worked with a different group of people — once again from diverse backgrounds.

Conference setting like Scan Agile does not create the best forum for discussions – but I hope that people at least got curious about these ideas and topics, and are interested to work and explore them more later on. I do know that there were numerous really good discussions going on during coffee breaks and otherwise – so I am interested to see what becomes from those ideas and thoughts.

I’m going to – or trying to – do a better reflections on each session later on, as well as watch those sessions I did not participate during the conference from recordings. It was exciting, thrilling and stressful experience to organize the event – but it was worth it. It was so good to see people enjoying and discussing about these subjects during the breaks – and see new connections and friendships born.

If you missed the conference, you can still watch video recordings from here:

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