Hima & Sali – lunches at Kaapelitehdas

A wok is a wok, but it can still be something special.

This year I’ve had few opportunities to eat lunch at Kaapelitehdas – and naturally the only place to go there is the Hima & Sali restaurant. Wok is their speciality and I do have to agree that it is both value for moneywise good option as well as in the time spent waiting for the food.

Basically you just fill a cup with all the meat and vegetables you want to have – and request them to be made into wok. They are cooked with oil in a pan and later on you get to throw in rice or noodles, depending on your preferences. You get to also pick the sauce – and watch as the food is prepared right in front of your eyes.

I like waiting in line and seeing how the food gets prepared. That way I know when my dish is ready and how long will I have to wait until my dish gets to the point where I select noodles or rice, or which sauce to put in.

That is much better experience than waiting idle in the table for waiter to bring your food.

I also tried other luch dishes, this for example was cancun chicken.

Not bad at all, but as I had to wait for it a rather long time… I thought for myself that I should have had the wok.

I’ll definitely go there again whenever I am in the neighborhood.

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